Transaction Control Technologies (SA)(PTY) Ltd in co-operation with SUPRA, part of UTC, have released their new, unique TRACcess/TPH2 solution for the Cash Handling Environment. The brand new central software development combines a TCT-TPH2 outward looking front-end application with a highly secure SUPRA Core to produce an unprecedented integration capability to all Systems associated with the total Cash Management Environment. This ensures that only fully authenticated and verified “one time” access is granted to Casssh whether in Safes, Vaults, ATM’s, TCR’s (or any other cash holding or dispensing machine) in line with predetermined system parameters.

High level features:
– The TRACcess proven locking systems effectively withstand harsh environmental conditions.
– New generation Display and E Key options, provide significantly enhanced control and security features.
– The Network Communication Interface facilitates cost effective communications with –
– TRACcess Keyholders and Systems.
– The Integrated ATM Management System Interface collects information from ATM Monitoring, Load Planning, Optimization Systems etc, to provide optimal site access management.
– Alarm Management System Integration controls de-activation upon access validation.



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