Instant Protection
Most property loss occurs in the initial minutes of a break-in, before police or security teams have had a chance to respond.

The SmokeCloak ssystem is designed to provide protection in the critical time gap between the alarm’s activation and the response team’s arrival at the scene.

In a matter of seconds, the SmokeCloak fills the protected area with an impenetrable cloud of smoke that prevents the loss of property, confuses the thief and forces the intruder out of the premises until the response team arrives.

The fog is created by vaporising a specially formulated glycol solution. Glycol is classified as a foodstuff and is found in many day-to-day substances such as toothpaste and deodorants. The vapour produced is a dense, ehite fog which reduces visibility to less than 30cm, practically nil visibility, but which, under normal usage, is harmless to anything found inside industrial premises, offices and shops.

Safe and easy to use
The SmokeCloak has been designed to integrate easily into any electronic security system, CCTV or access control system. Built-in bracket and plug-in connections make for easy installation.

The procedure for setting an alarm fitted with a SmokeCloak is exactly the same as for an alarm sysstem without a SmokeCloak.

SmokeCloaks are fully automatic. They are switched on and off (activated and deactivated) via the alarm panel and are triggered by the alarm being activated.

The SmokeCloak system is continuously monitored to ensure that all critical circuits are functioning properly. Maintenance requirements and fault messages are communicated to on-site personnel via the electronic security system.

SmokeCloaks have been endorsed with the Secured by Desssign police preferred specification.

Designed and built under a stringent ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System, every SmokeCloak goes through a series of comprehensive quality assurance checks.

In addition to in-house tests, the SmokeCloak system has been evaluated extensively around the world, making it the most tested security fog product on the market.

All SmokeCloak products fully comply with the British Standards on Smoke Security Devices BS7939.

The SmokeCloak range of products is backed by a warranty on the machines and a fully comprehensive worldwide insurance policy, which includes end user public liability cover.

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SmokeCloak Accessories


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SmokeCloak LED Strobe

The LED Strobe is a powerful but low energy consuming strobe light. Bright and disorientating light pulsing through the security fog adds another level of deterrent for intruders. With its very low power requirements it can be fitted as a simple accessory to the SmokeCloak.

SmokeCloak Siren

The IPA 117 is a small but incredibly powerful siren. A compact, but strong case, houses an unbearably loud siren. Designed to be used with or without security fog the IPA 117 produces such an unpleasant noise that intruders do not want to remain in the area. When combined with the security fog and LED strobe the effect is very disorientating.

Security System & Access Control Products

Transaction Control Technologies offer security systems and access control products such as SmokeCloak, TRACcess, Pneumatic Tube Systems and Selector Door in South Africa.