Telecom Air Tube System

Rapid transfer of documents, samples, cash and other small valuables from a specified (unsecured) point to a secured receiving area i.e. bulk tellers, cash offices, control rooms, laboratories, stores etc.

Telecom is one of the major international role players in the pneumatic tube industry and was identified by TCT after extensive research into this market.

The pneumatic tube systems seamlessly integrate into our other secured operational systems and again add value to processes and procedures by redirecting the risk from multiple points to one highly secured area.

TCT are the Technology partner to SBV for the conveyance of Cash between Retail stores, and Banks ( including ATM rooms) via the Secure SBV Cash Centre, in the prestigious Mall of Africa,

TCT have also undertaken many smaller Air Tube conveyance systems in Banks, Retail Stores, Hospitals etc for the secure conveyance of Cash or other high Valued Goods.


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Security System & Access Control Products

Transaction Control Technologies offer security systems and access control products such as SmokeCloak, TRACcess, Pneumatic Tube Systems and Selector Door in South Africa.