Fire Trainers

Transaction Control Technologies have a variety of fire trainer machines which are designed for fire safety and fire training environments. At MSS Professional they have worked tirelessly to ensure that their smoke machines create the most realistic yet safe dense smoke effects.

Trainer 301

The Trainer 301 is a mid-sized, portable smoke machine with enhanced output to provide a continuous flow of dry dense smoke. Water resistant, zinktech coded topcover, the 301 uses a multifunctional remote for easy command access and provides an economical solution for your needs. Suited for a wide variety of applications, the 301 is extremely quick to heat up, meaning greater control of smoke when you want it. Continuous output at reduced level.

Trainer 501

Designed to generate instant smoke in very large spaces, the Trainer 501 combines a unique range of features to create a variety of powerful smoke effects. Water resistant, zinktech coded topcover, the Hi-Mass Vaporizing System guarantees even more output for longer periods, while maximum efficiency is still achieved, requiring only 1500 watts to produce a massive 1000 cubic metres of dense smoke per minute. A 9.5 litre container ensures long operational periods without refilling.

An on-board remote is also included, offering an auto-timer function, extendable by the 8x-mode function. The smooth 0 – 100% smoke output allows precision atmospheric control. This, coupled with the analogue link facility, permits multi-machine control from a single multifunctional controller.
Continuous output at reduced level.

The secret behind the dense dry smoke with long hang times is the MSS Professional range of Trainer Smoke Fluids. The fluids are effective, safe and economical and when used correctly do not leave any residue.

All fluids are environmentally friendly and water based. They are made from the highest quality polyfunctional alcohols which are diluted with water and purified by double reverse osmosis and an electrostatic filtration process. Water is also purified during an ultraviolet treatment. This guarantees a virtually mineral and bacteria free product. Warranty on Trainer smoke machines is subject to Trainer Fluid being used.


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Security System & Access Control Products

Transaction Control Technologies offer security systems and access control products such as SmokeCloak, TRACcess, Pneumatic Tube Systems and Selector Door in South Africa.