VALI Range  

Product features
• very high output of dense 
white fog for maximum protection
• fluid refill system
• air flush system
• improved cosmetic design
• USB interface for upload/download of information
and log-file
• built-in battery back-up
• patented automatic smoke density control
• heavy duty sabotage resistant case
• audible tone status signal
• internal system status LED
• built-in self diagnostics
• electronic fluid measurement system
• harmless dry vapour with no negative side effects
• non pressurised heating
based system
• power saving mode
• SAI system (Service Active Input) for easy system maintenance
• output signals for communication with existent alarm system
• input signals for controlling the SmokeCloak from existing alarm system

• installation, service and maintenance friendly
• integrated mounting bracket for easy wall installation
• horizontal, vertical and ceiling mounting option
• seamless integration with all existing alarm systems

The New Generation in Fog Security!

Since the introduction of SmokeCloak® as the world’s first commercial security fog generator in the early nineties, technologies have become more sophisticated and the requirements of the security world have continuously increased. The feedback from the industry has been incorporated in the completely redesigned, innovative and exciting new SmokeCloak® products forming the new VALI range.

VALI is not only about high performance, with brand new features such as USB interface and fluid refill system. The range also features a brand new modern look and housing, which also allows for easy installation, service and maintenance. All this new technology is well protected in a compact and sturdy casing.

For easy use, all SmokeCloak® VALI products are fully compatible, and can be integrated into any competent alarm system. Unique control is provided by the Cloaksensor, part of the patented feedback system that automatically controls smoke density, regardless of the method of attack. Support for optional verification movement detectors effectively removes the problem of unwanted activations. Multiple system deployment allows protection for all sizes of buildings.

Design & Construction

The SmokeCloak® VALI range is designed in the United Kingdom and Denmark, and manufactured in the United Kingdom, according to MSS Professional’s advanced quality control system, which complies with the stringent BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Standard. Although the VALI range sets new standards within fog output and coverage, the range is very compact and has also been developed to accommodate easy installation, service and maintenance. As with all SmokeCloak® products, safety and reliability are paramount in every aspect of the design and construction of the machines. Resistance to attack has been incorporated from the design stage, featuring tamper-protected robust metalwork with no visible external slots.

Standard battery back-up protection on all models and Cloaksensor verification provide an unmatched level of security.

The brand new state-of-the-art electronics incorporate microprocessor control and software and provide a broad range of error-checking, reporting and log facilities. Several safety features are incorporated in the VALI range, such as the provision of a fire alarm in/output circuit to prevent the unwanted activation of the SmokeCloak® after a real fire has been detected but before the burglar alarm has activated.

Quality assurance

TCT fully complies with the British Standard BS7939:1999 for the Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Smoke Security Devices. The SmokeCloak® systems have also been registered by The Danish Insurance Association for use in all approved security applications.

Warning signs

Noticeable and easily-understood self-adhesive warning signs are provided with all SmokeCloak® systems. The signs must be displayed at the normal entry points to the building.

SmokeCloak demonstration video
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Application brochures

Jewellers Protection PDF
ATM / Bank Protection PDF
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