System 24

Product features
• built-in battery back-up
• patented automatic visibility-level control
• heavy duty sabotage resistant case
• audible tone status signal
• internal system status LED indicators
• built-in self diagnostics facility
• fully electronic fluid measurement system
• extremely dense smoke output with long hang time
• harmless dry vapour with no negative side effects
• non-pressurised heating-based system

• integrated mounting bracket for easy wall mounting
• horizontal or vertical mounting option
• seamless integration with existing alarm systems

• pump/system enable set/un-set
• make smoke
• Cloaksensor
• movement verification detector
• auxiliary input (door contacts etc)

• serial display expansion
• remote communication module
• external power input port

• no power supply
• incorrect temperature
• no fluid
• low fluid
• system activated
• tamper circuit
• auxiliary output

The mobile solution

The first glycol-based vehicle unit of its kind, the SmokeCloak® System 24 is designed and developed specifically for vehicle usage. This vehicle unit is targeted at companies who transport desirable or high-value goods such as drugs, cigarettes, electronics, alcohol and cash.


The SmokeCloak® System 24 vehicle unit is a highly-advanced and dedicated security product that has been developed with the goal of creating instant protection in case of an intrusion.

For easy use, all SmokeCloak® products are fully compatible with, and can be integrated into, any modern detection and alarm system.The SmokeCloak System® 24 features built-in brackets and plug-in connections for ease of installation.

The unique and patented Cloaksensor can easily be positioned with the built-in confirmation system.

The SmokeCloak® also supports movement verification detectors, to help eliminate unwanted activations from false alarms. Depending on the need, a SmokeCloak® instant protection solution can consist of one or more
SmokeCloak® units.

Design & construction

The SmokeCloak® System 24 is designed and manufactured in the UK according to MSS Professional’s advanced quality control system that complies with the stringent BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.

As with all SmokeCloak® products, safety and reliability are paramount in every aspect of the design and construction of the machines. Resistance to attack has been incorporated from the design stage, featuring tamper-protected robust metalwork, with no visible external slots. Standard battery back-up protection on all models and Cloaksensor verification provides an unmatched level of security.

The state-of-the-art electronics incorporate microprocessor control and provide a broad range of error-checking and reporting facilities.

Quality assurance

MSS Professional fully complies with the British Standard BS7939:1999 for the Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Smoke Security Devices. The SmokeCloak® systems have also been registered by The Danish Insurance Association for use in all approved security applications.

Warning signs

Noticeable and easily-understood self-adhesive warning signs are provided with the products. The signs must be displayed at the door of the vehicle.

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