Smoke Cloak Products

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 VALI Range

Transaction Control Technologies offer a variety of security smoke products such as Smoke Cloak fog machines providing a smoke screen release.

The New Generation in Fog Security!

Since the introduction of SmokeCloak® as the world’s first commercial security fog generator in the early nineties, technologies have become more sophisticated and the requirements of the security world have continuously increased. The feedback from the industry has been incorporated in the completely redesigned, innovative and exciting new SmokeCloak® products forming the new VALI range.

 IPX 25
The ultimate solution for the largest buildings

The SmokeCloak® IPX has been created to provide protection for large buildings, which are used for high-value purposes, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities and utility premises. The IPX combines a large vapour-generating capacity with a rapid dispersal system, giving it an unmatched ability to fill large volumes extremely quickly.
 Vehicle Range
System 24
The mobile solution

The first glycol-based vehicle unit of its kind, the SmokeCloak® System 24 is designed and developed specifically for vehicle usage. This vehicle unit is targeted at companies who transport desirable or high-value goods such as drugs, cigarettes, electronics, alcohol and cash.
 SmokeCloak - Easy

Optimise your SmokeCloak® .

Very High ouput of dense white fog for maximum protection Harmless dry vapour with no negative side effects The fog hangs up to an hour Fluid refill system Danish design Battery back-up Heavy duty sabotage resistant case Internal system status LED indicators Built-in self diagnostics Electronic fluid measurement system Output signals for communication with existent alarm system Input signals for controlling the SmokeCloak from existing alarm system

 IPA 117 - Intimidator

The IPA 117 Intimidator .

Works on a completely different method of restricting the offenders movement against against the method of protection offered with the Smokecloak system.


Optimise your SmokeCloak® .

TCT offers a range of accessories to keep your SmokeCloak® system ahead of any intruders. Accessories include the FL600 fluid for the best fog performance. The Cloaksensor CS07 keeps the fog level maintained at the optimum level during a ram-raid. Lead-acid batteries offer extra power, to ensure that full fog protection is maintained, even if the mains power fails. The Voice Module CS120D sends a warning prior to SmokeCloak® going into action.

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 IPL 3000 - Blinding the intruder

The IPL 3000 is designed to provide instant protection combined with a reduced SmokeCloak fog density, to produce a blinding effect. The IPL 3000 is a high quality, very high intensity, security strobe light. The system is compatible with all of the SmokeCloak. products, and is configured so that the operation of the IPL 3000 is controlled by the SmokeCloak..