Steel Selector Door

Secure Single Person Entry
– Only one person gains access on verified credentials at one time. This is achieved through both physical constraint & a range of electronic sensing devices.
Controlled Free Passage Mode
– This 90° opening mode allows free passage for wheelchairs, bulk goods & also serves as an emergency escape.
– The Selector Door™ is designed to fix to the inside of an existing opening or can fit in a purpose built opening. PLC Controlled
– The logic of the door operation is controlled by a proprietary PLC which in addition to the control function facilitates the integration of biometric reading devices, keypads & cameras as well as various other external access control devices & alarm systems.
-- The Selector Door™ is available in the Steel Model as depicted here, a Glass and Aluminium version and the top of the range
Versamaxflex™ Model.
• Door offers handgun bullet resistance with an option of higher penetration resistance.
• Bullet-resistant viewing window option.
• Proprietary “dual secure rebate” & double skin construction.
• Powder coated to client colour specification, with additional cladding option to match surrounding aesthetic finishes.
• Triple locking & keypad entry as standard, with optional biometric access.
• Multiple point fixing to brickwork & drywall (H-Frame frame required for drywall installation).
• Optional clamping frame available for non-standard brickwork or drywall.
• Clear opening width of 920mm.
• Patented design.

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VersaMAXFlex™ features:

• The VersaMAXFlex™ Model facilitates a variety of optional finishes. The standard construction is of powder coated steel with 8 mm laminated glass inserts and a perforated stainless steel cabin rear panel. Glass thickness of up to 40 mm thick can be accommodated offering higher levels of bullet resistance.
• Secure single person (non-colluding) entry. Only one person gains access at a time on verified credentials.
• Space saving. Occupies less than 1,5m2 of floor space (including door swing).
• Controlled free passage mode. This fully open mode allows passage of wheelchairs. Cabin walls also fold away for extra large bulk goods.
• Upon activation of a fire alarm signal the door will unlock automatically for escape in either direction.
• PLC Controlled. The door operation is controlled by a proprietary PLC which facilitates the integration of biometric reading devices or external access control systems. The door can function independently or as part of an access control system.
• Versatility. The aesthetics of the door can be adapted to suit integration into distinctive environments such as airports, corporate headquarters and the like. Cabin finishes can be of stainless steel, glass, wood, or any other approved material or combinations thereof to blend into a specific interior design concept.
• Enhanced controls. Optional items such as cameras (for added remote visual verification), intercoms, fingerprint readers etc. are easily integrated. VersaMAXFlex™ allows access control and biometric devices to come into their own by closing the door on tail-gating.

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