Fire Trainers

  • Transaction Control Technologies have a variety of fire trainer machines which are designed for fire safety and fire training environments.
  • At MSS Professional they have worked tirelessly to ensure that their smoke machines create the most realistic yet safe dense smoke effects. They are designed for special training environments with both the Trainer 201 and 401 being water resistant. Through intelligent digital control, you can easily direct the quantity of smoke needed for each individual training scenario and also specify the length of hang-time the smoke is needed to stay in the air. All our machines use water-based smoke fluid which ensures the smoke is totally safe.
  • The Trainer 201 and Trainer 401 are two midsized machines that cover most training needs, from small to medium and even large training areas with the 401. Both machines offer continuous dense smoke output so you do not need to plan for breaks and the machines to reheat. The output can be controlled from a smooth low output to dense whiteout of dry smoke.
  • The Trainer 201 operates with a standard 2.5litre fluids container. A large fluid container of 9.5litre in the 401 ensures long operational periods without refilling during long training hours and/or large areas. The rugged on-board remote control is built with large push buttons, and designed to fit into the machine but still allows for easy removal.
  • For special applications the range also includes the Trainer 101 and Trainer X-Stream. The Trainer 101 is a hand-held smoke generator with an integrated battery giving total freedom of movement to the operator. Also this allows the operator an element of surprise when planning a trainer exercise; the unit can be easily hidden. When the battery is charged the machine does not require any heat-up time and fires instantly upon activation.
  • The Trainer X-Stream is the most versatile professional smoke generator available today. By incorporating the X-Stream Airflow System, the Trainer X-Stream blends smoke and air to produce a variety of effects. It has been designed to deal with the excessive rigors of training, with a rigid chassis, protected on all eight corners by 20mm aluminium plates, and 40mm lifting bars.
  • The Trainer X-Stream is fed by a massive 19-litre (5 US gallons) capacity. The Trainer X-Stream can also be used vertically. The secret behind the dense dry smoke with long hang times is the MSS Professional range of Trainer Smoke Fluids. The fluids are effective, safe and economical and when used correctly do not leave any residue.
  • All fluids are environmentally friendly and water based. They are made from the highest quality polyfunctional alcohols which are diluted with water and purified by double reverse osmosis and an electrostatic filtration process. Water is also purified during an ultraviolet treatment. This guarantees a virtually mineral and bacteria free product. Warranty on Trainer smoke machines is subject to Trainer Fluid being used.