Transaction Control Technologies Products

Smoke Cloak | Traccess | Selector Door

Transaction Control Technologies offer security systems and transaction control products such as Smoke Cloak, Traccess and Selector Door in South Africa. TCT have developed a unique 'single person' access control door which is used in the banking industry and other high security institutions for staff/equipment access. This product, called the Selector Door, has been patented and is being specified by leading companies in the banking, mining and service sector.

The Selector Door is available in a range of different versions. TCT also manufactures an attack resistant door with typical applications in the ATM areas as well as rear door in banks and other high risk premises. This product incorporates a proprietary secure rebate design.

TCT are the sole distributors for the unique Supra TRACcess system in the Southern African region. This product facilitates controlled access to local and remote secure sites such as banking and treasury areas, ATM rooms, cash in transit control applications, transmission towers (cellular and others), utility equipment storage areas, postal collection points and many similar applications. We also distribute Tube systems and are South Africa’s agent for the SmokeCloak range of products by MSS Professional and as such, the sole suppliers of the Trainer (fire training) range and fluid products.

If you are interested in any of our transaction control products or services, please contact us.