Optimise your SmokeCloak® .

TCT offers a range of accessories to keep your SmokeCloak® system ahead of any intruders. Accessories include the FL600 fluid for the best fog performance. The Cloaksensor CS07 keeps the fog level maintained at the optimum level during a ram-raid. Lead-acid batteries offer extra power, to ensure that full fog protection is maintained, even if the mains power fails. The Voice Module CS120D sends a warning prior to SmokeCloak® going into action.

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 Fluid FL600
SmokeCloak® FL600 is an exclusive mixture of demineralised water and food grade glycols. The formula that has been developed through many years of experience and R&D gives a unique combination of density and hang time. The SmokeCloak® FL600 fluid is very economical in use and requires just 0,45ccm. to produce a cubic metre of SmokeCloak® vapour. The typical hang time in a static air environment is around 45 minutes and the FL600 fluid creates a uniform sub micron particle size. Fluid is supplied in different sizes to suit the variety of machines and run times. The fluid is harmless and a full safety data sheet is available on request.
 Voice module CS120D
The SmokeCloak® CS120D voice module is a 12volt digital voice system, containing an embedded chip with a pre-recorded message. It is designed to be remotely positioned near to the normal access to the building and, if required, the protected area. The unit is particularly important in large, multi-occupancy or public access buildings so that any innocent third party is clearly aware of what is happening and that they should leave the area. The standard voice module is available in English, although customised units are available to special order
 Cloaksensor CS07
The SmokeCloak® CS07 Cloaksensor is the part of the system that detects whether the room has the correct amount of vapour, and sends a signal to the SmokeCloak® machine requesting more vapour if the room is below the optimum level. The unit is built into a standard smoke detector case and the internal circuitry and calibration is specifically designed and constructed to meet the requirements of the SmokeCloak® system. 
The SmokeCloak® is installed with a lead acid battery ensuring full fog protection in the event of main power failure. The battery is from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of maintenance-free lead acid batteries. This assures long service intervals, and low periodical costs. The battery is especially designed for the operational conditions in alarm systems, with long stand-by periods and short intense energy loads.